Charlotte, Cornelius NC  Newborn Photography


I had the privilege to take Kellan's newborn photos the other weekend, this tiny 5lb, 5 week old boy stole my heart!!  Kellan is so tiny and perfect, and makes the best cooing sounds, but I think my favorite thing about him is the way he looks at his mama!!  This baby boy could stare at her all day, when I would take him away he would look for her, such a amazing bond at such a young age!!  Unfortunately Kellan has had a tuff time and has been in and out of the hospital, such a strong little fighter he is, I have complete confidence he will be home soon enough!  Kellan's family has been in my prayers and thoughts, and I'm sure it wouldn't hurt if any of you add little Kellan onto yours as well.  Here's a few pics of this perfect boy..









I got to take these two cuties outside to play for a bit while mama was getting Kellan dressed and fed.  They obviously are completely adorable, but love each other so much it was so great to be around a brother and sister that weren't fighting and adored each other! 

kellanfb6 kellanfb7